Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund

Fossil fuels are necessarily and rapidly being replaced with sustainable sources of energy. As such, the future phase of alternative energy sources will turn to less conventional supplies. Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund provides capital to businesses that are positioned to benefit from cutting-edge, resource-capturing technologies. 

Current examples of funding to bring to market potential energy sources are:

  • Redirecting energy from lightning strikes to an electrical grid
  • Capturing the outgassing of human waste to power turbines
  • Tapping into the neural activity of the brain to support personal electronic devices
  • Using piezoelectric materials in the soles of shoes to generate a current


Because the Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund has been active for a very short time, performance metrics do not fairly reflect its true performance. Please contact one of our offices to get information on current fund performance.


As known stockpiles of energy become depleted, finding and exploiting alternative sources will be “the” businesses of the coming decades. For the savvy investor, there are few ventures that are more solid than those involved in developing alternative energy


While the physical science of reliably generating electricity from a variety of natural and human activities is sound, behavioral science points to less favorable data in some areas. For instance, while running shoes can power your mobile phone and neural activity can charge your television remote control, evidence is accumulating that fewer people will be running and more will be on their couches using significantly fewer neurons when operating their remotes (see Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund).


The fund captures 0.86 percent per month of managed investments in the Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund. 


For more information about Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice Alternative Energy Bond Fund

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