Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund (ACSF)

Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund® invests in companies which earn at least 75 percent of their revenue from products and services that contribute significantly to human obesity. Companies in this category include agricultural companies, confectioneries, bottled drink producers, fast- and casual-food restaurants, makers of video games, compression suit manufacturers and big-ship cruise operators. 

Sample products of some companies represented in the fund are provided in the sidebar.

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Every year since its inception in 2002, the performance of Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund has shown fat returns. Moreover, when tracked against the LIPITOR® Mutual Fund Average over the past one-, three-, and five-years, the fund has outperformed every other fund competing in what has become a very large investment space.

Avarice Fund management expects the obese population of developed countries—particularly the United States—to increase at a steady rate and for the rates among emerging and developing countries to rise in proportion to their increases in wealth.

There is only a small risk that consumers of high-fructose corn syrup and food stuffs containing high levels of saturated and trans fats will modify their dietary habits any time soon. And the trend of the world’s population to engage in less, rather than more exercise is strong. Americans Consequently, the portfolio managers of the Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund see few risks in this growing investment space.

The fund's expense ratio of 15.52 percent is in the median quartile for stock funds investing in the heavily weighted, obesity-related equities markets.

Avarice Corpulence Stock Fund is currently closed to new investors.


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