Careers with Avarice Funds

Employment with Avarice Funds is an opportunity afforded to only the best and brightest people in the investment world. Avarice Funds welcomes introductory letters of interest from those with investment management experience. Current open positions are listed below. Please send your inquiry, along with your resumé and all arrest records, to any of our offices.


The backbone of Avarice Funds is composed of Individual Account Managers. These professionals are responsible for developing relationships with our investors and guiding them through the complicated process that will ultimately lead to substantial commissions for the account manager and an occasional return of investment to the client. We are seeking individuals who can recruit and maintain high-value investors and help tap the very last resources of their clients. 



Avarice Funds relies on the most current and sophisticated technology to track economic trends, market movements and government regulations. To remain in the top tier of industry leaders, Avarice Funds is expanding its information technology component to include an aggressive information collection specialty. If you have participated in high-level, Class 3, covert, multiple data sweeps of international corporate information data bases and are looking for even more challenging assignments, Avarice Funds may have a place for you.


Due to the exceptional investment returns and outsized commissions that are the hallmark of Avarice Funds, the company maintains a very active collection activity. Indeed, the accounts receivable department is one of the most important and active departments at Avarice Funds. Working in coordination with the Gambino family of Chicago, Avarice Funds has a near zero accounts receivable default rate. In turn, this requires a fully staffed accounts receivable department. If you possess the knowledge and skills to oversee a robust department of under achieving accountants, you will find employment with Avarice Funds a rewarding career.


Due to the nature of the financial management business model that Avarice Funds has adopted for its clients, Avarice Funds maintains one of the largest legal department in the industry. If you have over ten years experience in litigating frivolous investor suits and are seeking to work in a high-energy, fast-paced environment, Avarice Funds may be a good fit for your talents.

Careers with Avarice Funds

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