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Avarice Funds has established partnerships with companies that not only participate in investment spaces that are expected to show unprecedented growth going forward, but they also operate in the top tiers of their respective markets. These mutual alliances allow for the exchange of information about industry trends as well as early notification of products under development. (Sample products of some companies represented in the fund are provided here for your consideration.)



Err Travel has consistently been voted best travel news site on the web. With a monthly readership approaching a 4.5 million, it is the source of travel news for knowledgeable and sophisticated travelers around the world. From its vast network of news gathering resources, Err Travel brings to its readers news of important, travel-related events that are reported by no other news agency. As a corporate subscriber, Avarice Funds is the only investment company to get early access to significant trends in both the leisure and business travel industries. 



Dr. Bambiriketh Truqué was the first diet researcher to understand the relationships among lifestyle, personality and successful dieting. The results of her research lead to the development of her highly successful "Fat Chance Diets" diet plans. Working in cooperation with Drs. Jonas Remakel and Irving Duvalt at the University of Belĵevek, Dr. Truqué was able to develop what has become the benchmark instrument for matching dieters with dietary programs that have the greatest chance of success. Indeed, research has shown that people matched with diet plans developed by Dr. Truqué have a 99.7% success rate.



MicroPsych.com is the preeminent website devoted exclusively to the field of micropsychology, the research and treatment of insignificant psychological disorders. This class of disorders permeates contemporary cultures world-wide, and although the disorders are of little or no real long-term consequence to anyoneincluding those experiencing those disorderstheir study and treatment can and does contribute to the growing wealth of researchers and therapists around the globe. In turn, Avarice Funds is able to tap into the sources of income heretofore unavailable that is generated by practitioners who study and treat psychological microdisorders


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