Avarice Mattress Savings Account

With some money market rates trading below NAVs of $1.00 and bonds exposed to the vicissitudes of financial markets, there are very few places for safety-minded investors to place their money. Storing cash at home, even in a safe, can be dangerous. And filling bank safe deposit boxes with cash is inconvenient. That’s where the Avarice Mattress Savings Account comes in. By depositing your cash in the fund, you can have direct access to that money through international check-writing or through your personal or business Plutonium credit card.


As a static, asset protection mutual fund, the Avarice Mattress Savings Account has, since its inception, avoided any and all risks associated with equity or fixed income investment vehicles. Indeed, the fund has never lost a dime of the company’s fees.


The outlook for the Avarice Mattress Savings Account has never looked better. With more investors fleeing competitors’ low-cost funds in favor of those from Avarice Funds, it is anticipated that the Avarice Mattress Savings Account will continue to return a majority of its savers’ deposits.


There is absolutely no risk associated with the Avarice Mattress Savings Account. Investors deposit their cash with Avarice Funds, the company takes its floating fee, and all remaining cash is available for withdrawal. It’s that simple. Investors looking for other guaranteed return investment vehicles with no risk, should also consider the Avarice Guaranteed Return Bond Fund.


The fund’s management fee is established at the close of each business day. Historically, this fee has been determined as a percentage of the total cash remaining in the fund as well as an additional three basis points below the daily National Equities Resource Data Standard (NERDS). 


For more information about the Avarice Mattress Savings Account, to request a prospectus, or to establish a savings account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice Mattress Savings Account

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