Avarice Extra-Terrestrial Fund

Planetary scientists estimate that there are in excess of 10 billion possible habitable planets in our galaxy alone. As more information about these planets is being gathered, Avarice Funds is in the forefront of identifying distant investment opportunities. Working closely with Dr. Nadjia Gerthner, author of the definitive E.T. Diaries and consultant to the National Alien Rights Action Committee, Avarice Extra-Terrestrial Fund managers are able to spot long-range opportunities well before any other investment firm.


Due to its ultra-long-range perspective, Avarice Extra-Terrestrial Fund has yet to earn a return. Nevertheless, for visionary investors who seek growth in companies currently beyond our reach, the opportunities in this fund are nearly without limit.


With the nearest terrestrial exoplanet (Proxima Centauri b) a mere light-years away, this is a fitting investment for those with a long-term outlook. Moreover, as more and more information is accumulated from the Kepler Space Telescope Mission, as well as the Deep Sky Project, Avarice Extra-Terrestrial Fund is positioned to lead other-world capital investments. Indeed, the fund has already evaluated several potential ventures. Among them are deep space mining, inter- and intra-galactical transportation systems and interspecies procreation biotechnology.


The vastness of the universe all but guarantees the existence of life in many places beyond earth. So although investment pay-back may be distant, the return is certain. 


Management fees have yet to be established but will be available for review well in advance of the initial offering of the fund.


Avarice Extra-Terrestrial Fund will be open to investors beginning in 2087. In the meantime, you may request to have a prospectus beamed down to you by contacting one of our offices.

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