Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund

Insurance companies provide excellent returns in both advancing and declining financial conditions. Specialized insurers in particular are able to command high premiums on modest risk events and are thus able to provide outstanding returns to their investors. Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund invests with a select portion of those companies, particularly those that have a track record of returning top dollar over the past five to ten weeks.


Since its inception, Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund has outperformed all other high- medium- and low-growth insurance funds. On average it has exceeded the growth rate of the nominal fund-class median by 141 percent. Moreover, it has achieved this record while maintaining a recapture quota in excess of six times earnings. 


Based on estimates from the Federation of American Insurers (FAI), specialized insurance products are positioned to show extraordinary results from all generational populations, especially in the personal interest sector. As an example, Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund has taken near-majority positions in firms that underwrite guarantees in marriage and in child achievement as well as insuring against fashion errors, sunburn and undercooked restaurant meals.


A significant advantage in investing in the Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund is that all the fund managers hold advanced certifications from the FAI. This assures that investors have confidence in their expectations in both rising and falling markets and that their stake in the fund will not be distributed among non-correlated investment categories.  


The fund has a front-end investment fee of only .09 percent and an even more attractive annual management fee of only .07 percent, plus a modest transaction and reporting charge.


For more information about Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice Specialized Insurance Fund

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