Avarice Hygiene Investments Fund

Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund invests in companies which derive a significant portion of their revenues from the manufacture of products and/or delivery of services aligned with the collection and/or disposal of human waste. Investment opportunities in this category include infrastructure developers, bathroom designers, ceramic materials suppliers, water treatment product manufacturers, and, of special interest, is the growing market for private lavatories such as that serviced by Sweet Pee International. 


Since its inception in 2018, the performance of Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund has shown improved performance of that over the prior year. Moreover, when tracked against the U.S. Surgeon General's Bottom Line Index (BLI) over the past one-, three-, and five-years, the fund has outdistanced itself from funds with similar holdings.


Geraldine LaMeux, senior vice president for Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund, expects continued growth in hygiene related industries. This growth will be particularly strong in North America and Europe, where, notes LaMeux, “Consumers are especially sensitive to matters of modesty, privacy and personal hygiene."


While the products and services of many companies today are optional, most to the products and services of companies participating in the hygiene arena are required, making any downside risk to the Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund negligible. 


Investors in Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund will incur an annual management fee of only 16.02 percent. For investors holding in excess of $1,000,000 in Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund, this fee is reduced to 15.89 percent.


For more information about Avarice Hygiene Investment Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice Hygiene Investments Fund

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