Avarice Confidence Bond Fund

For investors looking for a fund in which they can have complete confidence, Avarice Confidence Bond Fund is without equal. No other mutual bond fund comes close to delivering the year-in and year-out returns of Avarice Confidence Bond Fund. This performance is achieved through strong relationships that Avarice Funds management has forged with some of the best confidence men around the globe. With their ability to rapidly move in and out of world markets, these men are uniquely qualified to know when to enter into a market and, even more importantly, when to make a fast exit. 


Since its inception, the Avarice Confidence Bond Fund has provided its investors with consistent returns, far outdistancing every other fund in this sector. Moreover, each successive year has proven to be better than the previous year when viewed over each specifically designated cumulative period.


Ever increasing wealth is being held by investors who already have financial means far beyond their needs. The Avarice Confidence Bond Fund is ideally positioned to tap into the insatiable desire of those investors to add even more to their acquired riches. With strong motivations among wealth-acquiring individuals and tempting incentives of returns offered up by the Avarice Confidence Bond Fund portfolio companies, the outlook to tap into that wealth stream is seen as promising today and in the future as it has been for as long as the promise of high returns has been sold. 


Due in large measure to an agreement with Gambino Family Enterprises, Llc, of Chicago, the Avarice Confidence Bond Fund has never missed a dividend payment, and through this continuing arrangement, Avarice Funds management expects future repayment risks to be near zero.


The fund has no management fees, and only a one-time, front-loaded tariff of 27 percent for initial investments of less $1,000,000. 


For more information about Avarice Confidence Bond Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices. 

Avarice Confidence Bond Fund

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