Avarice Institutionalized Investor Fund

Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund utilizes metadata that is aggregated from and analyzed by both active and passive participant companies in the joint businesses of public and semi-private institutionalization. These analyses identify growth opportunities in this market segment and are used to assemble cross-structured investment products with high return potential. 


Since its inception, Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund has outperformed all other publicly traded funds in this category. Moreover, it has returned to its investors nearly four times the average payout of the next best performing fund.  


When the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM) was first published by the American Psychiatric Association in 1952, it was 130 pages and listed 106 mental disorders. The fifth edition of the manual was published in 2013. It has nearly 1000 pages and contains descriptions of over 300 maladies. Indeed, one in four Americans have a diagnosable disorder. As craziness in the United States is increasing, so are those companies who profit from it, and Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund is positioned to show extraordinary results from this trend.

As an example, Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund has taken a majority position in MicroPsych.com, the preeminent website devoted exclusively to the field of micropsychology, the study and treatment of psychological microdisorders.


The number of patients seeking treatments for real and imagined mental disorders has been rising dramatically over the past two decades, and companies poised to capitalize on that rise will flourish regardless of where other economic indicators point. Consequently, the managers of the Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund see little risk in their selected portfolio companies.  


The fund has no management fees and only modest front- and back-end fees of 16.8 percent.


For more information about Avarice Institutionalized Investors Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice Institutionalized Investor Fund

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