Avarice James Bond Fund

Through a cooperative agreement between Avarice Funds and Roger James Investment Management Company, Llc. of Zurich, the Avarice James Bond Fund offers investors an opportunity to participate in the funding of issues that may be associated with unspecified companies and covert governmental entities producing untraceable streams of revenue. The joint team of investment professionals at Avarice Funds and Roger James cooperate in the selection, purchase, management and sale of high- to mid-grade international governmental and corporate bonds while Roger James Investment is solely responsible for the considerable wealth that is accumulated through the collection of commissions on behalf of  the two companies. 


Participation in the Avarice James Bond Fund has earned investors consistent returns of .007 percent for the past 8 years. Moreover, periodic inflows of revenue from indeterminate sources have contributed an additional .001%, making the fund one of the most profitable it its category.


The continued allocation of funds to shadowy military and civilian programs, opaque governmental offices and secretive operational facilities all but guarantees that investments in these areas will be well rewarded. In particular, investments in casino operations in sub-Saharan Africa, in weapons manufacturers located in parts of Sweden and in distillers of gin in the Philippines are expected to grow faster than almost every nation's GDP. 


As in all investments, risk is involved. Investors in the Avarice James Bond Fund in particular should be aware of the added risks posed to themselves and their extended families should the processing of their annual fees become delinquent.



The fund has no management fees, and only a one-time, front-loaded tariff of 27 percent for initial investments of less $1,000,000. 


For more information about the Avarice James Bond Fund, to request a prospectus, or to establish an investment account, contact your local broker or one of our offices.

Avarice James Bond Fund

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