Avarice Funds is continually following emerging trends and searching out new opportunities. For instance, Avarice Funds was the first mutual fund company to make significant investments in enterprises such as Vigilante Airways, Fat Chance Underpants, WorldLink Rail Services, GangstaLand, and Emotional Release Stations.

Currently, the Avarice Funds research team is closely following improvements and advancements in revenue generating spaces as diverse as travel, disco-polka music, zero-gravity bowling, weight-loss protocols, intergalactic trade agreements, neuro-dentistry, and micropsychology.  

Very often, crucial information used to determine strategic investment opportunities has been provided to our research team by sources close to those potential opportunities. We welcome information, particularly information from individuals who are privy to confidential corporate information. If you are aware of information that is not yet public but may have a significant effect on a company’s stock valuation, contact one of our team members. You will be rewarded commensurately.

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